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Women Leading Innovation In Africa’s Supply Chains '2022

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Combining human interest stories with thought leadership and executive interviews, our quarterly magazine showcases African diversity, culture and business, highlighting change makers, industry leaders and unheard voices.

About Supply Chain Africa

Supply Chain Africa is a digital platform advancing African supply chains, and enabling life and business on the African continent. We connect the world to Africa’s supply chain trends and innovations, while highlighting expertise, peculiarities and change makers.

A collective of subject matter experts and analysts, we provide thought leadership, executive interviews and topical supply chain news for key ecosystem development. Our platform’s focus is to be the ultimate Africa-focused supply chain resource and community.

Our collective includes partnerships with Africa’s key governance and institutional partners, the region’s supply chain CEO’s and a diverse editorial committee. Our industry platform allows clients to showcase their corporate vision and executive case studies to the world’s leading business executives.

Our access to a global community of over 300,000 and growing, allows tailored brand and content delivery through our Digital Magazine, Website, Newsletter, Digital Branding, Content Syndication, Executive Insights, and Interviews.

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